Project 365 Team

“Project 365 is a PUBLIC PHOTOGRAPHIC ART PROJECT initiated by EtP to photo-document the fast changing ancient culture and contemporary lifestyle of the ancient Tamilakam territory. During the first phase, forty photographers will be documenting the multi-cultural aspects of #Tiruvannamalai, South Indian heritage town over a year period (Aug 2014 – July 2015). This Project is led by contemporary Indian photographer Abul Kalam Azad. FOR MORE PROJECT 365 IMAGES, see #etpproject365.”

Project 365 EtP Team

Abul Kalam Azad – Project Director; Tulsi Swarna Lakshmi – Project Manager; Ganeshbabu Chembayil – Coordinator & Camp officer; George Augustine Thundiparambil – Editor in Chief

Project 365 Photographers

The town will be documented by leading contemporary photographers Sri Aditya Arya, Sri Alex Fernandes, Sri Dinesh Khanna, Sri Pa. Madhavan, Sri Ram Rahman, Sri Ramesh Varma, Sri Ramu Aravindan, Sri Sadanand Menon, Sri R.R. Srinivasan, Sri Thierry Cardon, Sri Waswo X. Waswo, Sri Yannick Cormier and twenty five upcoming photographers Ami Gupta, Anirudh Goel, Anjali Gopan, Anurag Sharma, Arnav Rastogi, BhagyashriPatki, Bharathiaraja R, Iqbal MK, J. Jayaraman, Jiby Charles, Leo James, MaveeranSomasundaram, PaneerSelvam, Pee Vee, Priyanka Kaur Oberoi, Ritesh R Uttamchandani, SeemaKrishnakumar, Selva Prakash Lakshmanan, Senthil Kumaran Rajendran, Shiv K, Sudha Shanmugam, Thiagarajan R, Udit Kulshrestha, Varun Gupta and Vinay DV over a one-year period.This will be conducted over a year-long period using diversified traditional analog and modern mediums, techniques, processes and mixed media approaches.


Urbanization, living spaces, mystical life of shepherds, Saiva tradition, Jainism, Sufism, Gender in Tamil culture, life in inner and outer path, ethnic lifestyle, life of ten working women, wildlife, the Hill, temples and shrines, caves and herbs, contemplating saints and wandering sadhus, life of children, ancient poems and contemporary life style, ancient and contemporary fashion, rituals and festivals, agriculture and farming; displacement; mythological concept of Agni; 365 nights and days in Tiruvannamalai; the inter-relation between religion, politics and cinema; home-makers, portraits of 15 prominent people of Tiruvannamalai and so on.

Networking partners

EtP has networked with “SPACES”, Chennai; “Aksgar” online magazine;“Goa-CAP”; “India Photo Archive”, Gurgaon; “Vamsi Books”, Tiruvannamalai; “Thalam”, Bangalore; “Kannadi”, Madurai; and Vetri digitals, Tiruvannamalai.

<to be continued>

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