Project 365 tri-sangam ports

Project 365 tri sangam ports Tyindis, Muziris and Korkai

Download Application form – Project 365 ancient tri-sangam ports

EtP (Ekalokam Trust for Photography) is registered as a Trust in South India. The purpose of EtP is to protect, promote and rejuvenate contemporary photography and connected art forms. EtP archives the life and work of photographers; initiates collective photo-art projects and establishes Kalai Illam, a space for contemporary photo art across rural South India. Rejuvenating traditional analog medium, taking art to rural India and collectively creating and preserving visuals of the fast changing culture / lifestyle of the ancient Tamilakam (modern day Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) is the intention behind EtP’s initiatives.

Project 365, a public photo art project is the long term vision of EtP to collectively create and preserve photographic visuals of the fast changing culture and lifestyle of ancient Tamilakam (modern period Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh). The first phase of the Project 365 – Tiruvannamalai (an ancient South Indian Tamil town) began on 15th August 2014. Prominent / upcoming contemporary photographers have been creating photographic visuals of the culture and lifestyle of this ancient Tamil town. Please see, and facebook page Project 365 for more information about Project 365 Tiruvannamalai.

The second phase of Project 365 is being organized at the ancient tri-sangam ports Tyndis (Kerala), Muziris (Kerala) and Korkai (Tamil Nadu). Project 365 is highly visible and is very much relevant in today’s socio-economic and political context. The participating photographers require the dedication to enhance their chosen project subject and are responsible to produce a substantial body of photographic work within the project duration (1 year). The participants can use various equipments and techniques, both analogue and digital.

The project 365 ancient tri-sangam ports will tentatively begin on 26th January 2016. During the beginning of the project an orientation road trip along the coast from Kozhikode to Puri will be made. Please note that the project does not offer travel / residency support and other financial grants. However, EtP is open to provide recommendation letters to selected grantees for availing financial support from other agencies / organisations / government.

Project 365 will culminate in a traveling exhibition and a publication in an illustrated book form. During the project period regular interaction with the rural / urban audience through traveling multi-media photo projections as well as ‘meet the photographer’ events will be organised.

We belong to the lineage that properly believes ‘art is public property’, that, more than a commodity, art is symbol of our culture and, therefore, has to be owned and protected by the people. True to our art tradition, Project 365 encourages public participation and intends to create a permanent space to exhibit the valuable images for public access and use. EtP will advocate and lobby with the government / other agencies / museums to permanently showcase the invaluable photographs.

Noted contemporary Indian photographer Abul Kalam Azad, Director of Project 365 Tiruvannamalai will be the Director for Project 365 ancient tri-sangam as well. For more information about Abul Kalam Azad, please see

Interested photographers are requested to send the filled application form and portfolio to /

Join us in this innovative social photographic art project !!!

Download Application form – Project 365 ancient tri-sangam ports


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