Project 365 – call for photographers

Call for photographers


Project 365, the PUBLIC PHOTO ART PROJECT initiated by EtP commenced on 15th August 2014 and in less than 2 months, the team has created interesting photographic visuals of Tiruvannamalai, one of the ancient South Indian towns situated in Bangalore-Pondy highway. A select few of these images are shared regularly on facebook / blog (

The intent behind Project 365 is to initiate public photo art projects in rural settings, so that the large rural audience could also take part in contemporary art practices. Rejuvenating the practice of using ‘good-old’ traditional analog medium in documenting social life, politics, religion, food, customs and traditions, etc., is another vision behind this initiative. At the same, this project incorporates the modern digital techniques as well. Project 365 is not one of those run off the mill photo-journalism or traditional documentary project done in urban settings. Our vision is to use the photography, in collaboration with other art forms to create visuals of a paradigm shift moment of fast growing villages and small towns. This is a long term vision of EtP and in the next years, we will document the tri-sangam Tamilakam ports and the entire Cauvery Delta and its life style.

Unlike the usual individual focused documentation projects, this initiative is based on collective consciousness. We belong to the lineage that properly believes ‘art is a public property’, that, more than a commodity, art is symbol of our culture and, therefore, has to be owned and protected by the people. True to our art tradition, Project 365 encourages public participation and intends to create a permanent space to exhibit these valuable individual art images for public access and use. With this vision, Project 365 photographers have been working on their chosen subject and artistically creating visuals of the multi-cultural aspects of this ancient town. As part of the project, several outreach activities are organized, in which photographers are actively interacting with the local public. We are grateful for the response of the public to this cultural initiative.

However, few photographers are not in a position to commit and give the dedication this year-long project requires, due to other professional commitments / personal reasons. EtP and Project 365 Director Abul Kalam Azad believe that a stronger, committed and pasionate team of photographers is required to ensure success for this novel initiative. EtP has a greater responsibility to the public, who have been sharing their time and resources to this project. So, we have to revamp and strengthen our team. If interested to be part of this Project 365 team, contact, contact EtP at {0}4175 237405 / {0}94879 56405 /

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