Call for photographers – Project 365 tri-sangam ports Tyndis, Muziris and Korkai

Project 365 tri sangam ports Tyindis, Muziris and Korkai

We are happy to announce that Project 365 is getting ready for our next phase…. the tri-sangam ports Tindis, Muziris and Korkai. Project 365 Tiruvannamalai is going on in full swing and the photographers have been bringing forth interesting visuals of our ancient culture and lifestyle. Traveling MUKHAMUKHAM – face to face with project 365 photographers is also received very well and in the coming months the event will be organised at Delhi, Hyderabad, Calcutta and many other parts of the country. Tiruvannamalai is EtP’s base which is actually a very small municipality town in South India. The next project is spread across two states – Kerala and Tamil Nadu situated in three different locations. A lot of prior planning and setting up is required to make this a possibility.

KORKAI (in Tamil Nadu) is a small village in the Srivaikuntam taluk of Thoothukudi district in Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated about 3 km north of the Thamirabarani river and about 6 km from the shore of Bay of Bengal. Korkai was the capital, principal center of trade and important port of the Early Pandyan Kingdom.

TINDIS (Tyndis, Thundi) (in Kerala) is an ancient seaport and harbor-town north to Muziris (Muchiri) in the Chera Kingdom, modern day India on the Malabar Coast. The exact location of the Tindis port is still unknown. Modern day Kadalundi, Ponnani and Pantalayani Kollam are often identified as Tyndis located in the Sangam age Tamil kingdom of the Cheras. Tyndis was a major center of trade, next only to Muziris, between the Cheras and the Roman Empire.

MUZIRIS was an ancient seaport and urban center in south-western India (in Kerala) that existed as far back as the 1st century BC, or even before it. Muziris has found mention in the bardic Sangam literature and a number of classical European historical sources.The port was a key to the trade between southern India and the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Roman Empire. The exact location of Muziris is still not known to historians and archaeologists. It is generally speculated to be situated around present day Kodungallur, a town situated 18 miles north of Cochin.


The support of each one of you is very much essential to create and preserve visuals of our culture. Join us in this herculean task.

Thank You !!!