Share a rupee for photo art

Share a rupee for photo art / design by Abul Kalam Azad

EtP has undertaken this phenomenal task of preserving photographic visuals for our future generations using traditional photography medium. This artistically created locally based historic visual document will eventually grow to be a visual treasure of our time. The support and solidarity of the public is impertinent to make this ambitious vision a present time reality. Artists, the architects of change, make our life more beautiful and interesting. We come from a tradition that understands and enjoys the maverick behaviour of protean artists. However, art has ebbed away from the life of common people. In contemporary times, art initiatives are often centred in private houses and galleries in urban settings and do not reach the vast Indian rural audience.

EtP has announced ‘Share a Rupee for Art’ campaign requesting support and solidarity of the public to this unique cultural initiative. This project is completely funded through individual / public donations and even an incremental contribution in any kind and magnitude will make iconic difference to this public art project.

Join us in this effort to take art to our common public.

Thank you !!!



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